Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fun and Friends!

This is another of those posts that I just want to make sure ends up here...a few weeks ago, we watched Megan and Tyler. The boys had a blast, but it was literally impossible to get pictures of them...yes, they were that crazy! :) But I got a few of Megan and Grace...though not great ones(at least they are both adorable, so even not great pics are cute!)! Better luck next time!

Megan playing without Grace attacking her!
The adorable girls!
Sharing secrets already!! What fun!
This was how poor Megan's night started....with an attack from Grace!
The rest of these are just some fun playtime pics of our Gracie girl!
I think she looks like a caricature in this one! Love it!
This rocking chair was built by my grandfather and hand painted by my aunt, both are departed from this world too soon for our liking, but God has a plan that we do not see. My Grandpa has been gone from this world for 18 years now, but I still remember things about him so vividly. I can still feel his smooth thumb where he had lost his nail, I still get the same sheepish feeling when I think about his nickname for me...Pesky!
Going from sitting to crawling.
I'm so cute!
Gotta have the naked baby picture! :)

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