Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A 4 year old Noah! I think that sums up what I would say about him at 4 pretty well, but I will include a few other highlights of his 4 year old life! Noah and Daddy enjoyed the Air Force Museum as they share a love for airplanes! One of my favorite Noahisms from his 4 year old mouth:

Noah: "MOMMY! MOMMY! You should have named me Bowser(from Mario Kart)!"
Mommy: "Oh really? Why is that?"
Noah: "Because I like Bowser!"
Mommy(scans room for something I like) :"Well, I like Little Nutbrown Hare(from Guess How Much I Love You), maybe we should have named you that."
Noah(hesitates and frowns): "But I don't want to be called Little Butt Brown Bear!"
Mommy: (Laughs hysterically!)

A 5 year old Noah! The 2 most memorable events of Noah's 5 year old life were becoming a big brother again and to a sweet little sister even and going to Kindergarten!  Noah was so super excited when we told him that the new baby really was a sister! He had insisted that it must be a girl because logically he already had a brother so it must be a sister! Ahh, the mind of a child! We had bought some bibs to tell family and friends that our little blessing was to be a  girl. I bought a pink one that said "I ♥ my big brother". I laid it in Noah's lap and helped him read it, then asked him who he thought it was for. He said, "BENJAMIN!" Then we asked him what color it was and I put it on my belly to help him see that it was for the baby...he was so excited as he made the connection, almost in a whisper and very grown up like, he said, "It's really a GIRL?!?!?!" He truly is the best big brother...spit up/drool phobic and all, he adores his baby sister and she thinks he hung the moon! Going to Kindergarten was a BIG deal for Noah! He was scared! I was scared! He was so brave and enjoys going to school now, but it was a big adjustment for him, for sure!

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