Thursday, March 31, 2011

But it's not my birthday!

We had a small party with just his friends from church on the Saturday after his birthday. It was really fun even though a few friends weren't able to make it(Joshua was sick.) :( A few party highlights: Pizza, cupcakes, Zach on a pink bike(see below), the uncontrollable laughter from the kids(and possibly the adults) in response to Emma's belching abilities, and finally Benjamin vomiting right after the party ended :(

 Noah's girl friends--Kayla and Claire--he adores them!
 Blowing out candles!

 Kayla, Noah, Emma(Emma and Benjamin are 2 peas in a pod...secondborns!)

 Party highlight: Zach riding Kayla's bike to he is trying to bale before I could snap the picture his mom wanted!
 Tyler was there too, of course! He loves 'Nona'!
 My 6 year old boy!

Sweet Grace!

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