Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday Boy!!!

SIX years old! To avoid being cliche, I won't say I can't believe he is going to be 6. However, I literally feel like it was yesterday that I held that tiny 7 lb baby in my arms! I remember the overwhelming love when I heard his first cries...the way he looked when they placed him in my arms! We have had some wonderful times along the way...I wouldn't trade anything for the 3 1/2 years we had with Noah! I look back on that time with so many fond memories! But on to the fact that he is now six years old! He is so smart and funny! He still talks about the "flying car" that he is going to have when he is a "growned up"! He has been talking about a flying car since he was 3 years old! Joel says he is probably not too far off from the truth! We joke that Noah and Benjamin are going to go into business together! Noah will be the imaginator that comes up with the creations and Benjamin will be the engineer that brings Noah's ideas to life! Noah is constantly coming up with things he wants to have in his house when he gets married and has kids(which he talks about perpetually!). One such creation is a kid's table that is like a couch, but goes all the way around the table(a lower table for kids). I asked him if he means like a booth in a restaurant and he said yes, "but it will have a button that slides one seat under the other seat so that you can get in and then push the button so the seat will go back and it will be completely closed." What imagination that boy has! Without further ado, here is the birthday boy on his 6th birthday!

 We didn't have time before school and Boonshoft to open presents, so the 3 that were there before school ran away!!! GASP! Fortunately, they left a code letter on the printer and we found out how to read it online. Turns out that some "friends"(more presents) stopped by and they all ran away and hid with them! They left good clues though! ; )

 Noah and friends at Boonshoft!
TaDa! Happy Birthday! 6!

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