Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brusha Brusha

But it's not my birthday!

We had a small party with just his friends from church on the Saturday after his birthday. It was really fun even though a few friends weren't able to make it(Joshua was sick.) :( A few party highlights: Pizza, cupcakes, Zach on a pink bike(see below), the uncontrollable laughter from the kids(and possibly the adults) in response to Emma's belching abilities, and finally Benjamin vomiting right after the party ended :(

 Noah's girl friends--Kayla and Claire--he adores them!
 Blowing out candles!

 Kayla, Noah, Emma(Emma and Benjamin are 2 peas in a pod...secondborns!)

 Party highlight: Zach riding Kayla's bike to he is trying to bale before I could snap the picture his mom wanted!
 Tyler was there too, of course! He loves 'Nona'!
 My 6 year old boy!

Sweet Grace!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fun and Friends!

This is another of those posts that I just want to make sure ends up here...a few weeks ago, we watched Megan and Tyler. The boys had a blast, but it was literally impossible to get pictures of them...yes, they were that crazy! :) But I got a few of Megan and Grace...though not great ones(at least they are both adorable, so even not great pics are cute!)! Better luck next time!

Megan playing without Grace attacking her!
The adorable girls!
Sharing secrets already!! What fun!
This was how poor Megan's night started....with an attack from Grace!
The rest of these are just some fun playtime pics of our Gracie girl!
I think she looks like a caricature in this one! Love it!
This rocking chair was built by my grandfather and hand painted by my aunt, both are departed from this world too soon for our liking, but God has a plan that we do not see. My Grandpa has been gone from this world for 18 years now, but I still remember things about him so vividly. I can still feel his smooth thumb where he had lost his nail, I still get the same sheepish feeling when I think about his nickname for me...Pesky!
Going from sitting to crawling.
I'm so cute!
Gotta have the naked baby picture! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Food...Fun...Fabulous Mess!

Grace enjoys eating(almost as much as her mama!) She is a wonderful eater and eats anything that we give her now. She does have preferences...avocado, most fruits, she loved the chick peas I gave her the other day! Sometimes I wonder if she has a hollow leg with all that she eats! These are a few of her eating her favorite avocado and black beans and some messy food pictures!

Favorite food!



Scrub-a-dub-dub! Three babies in the tub! I couldn't resist this since Gracie has a seat now for the bathtub and can more easily take baths with her bros! :)

Benjamin loved scrubbing Gracie's was so cute! And Noah washed Benjamin's hair better than I probably do...just kept scrubbing and scrubbing!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Better Late than Never, Volume I

I have several things that haven't made it to the blog, but that I really want on the blog. I figure it's better to add them late than not at all, right! ;) Uncle Justin came home to visit in February and the boys were super excited to see him...Gracie, well, not as first! She screamed when I placed her in Uncle Justin's lap. Eventually, she would let him hold her without screaming, but she was still a skeptic! We decided that she thought he was an imposter of her Daddy. The similarity was there, but she knew it wasn't really her daddy!

 Yep! She likes hanging upside down...that's a sure sign that she is Joel's offspring!!!

See...she warmed up to him! I love both Justin and Grace's expressions in this picture!
Jump on Uncle Justin!!! What else would you do with an Uncle Justin?
Who's Who?!?!?!
With their matching shirts from the back, it's hard to tell which Seekins boy is which!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Spy!

I spy with my little eye...WHAT!? Is that Noah riding his bike WITHOUT training wheels?!?!?? Why, yes! Yes it is!!

I love these first two pictures...his face says "I can't do this", but he is sooo doing it!! He even made a turn around in the middle! Such a funny guy!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Benjamin 'Bub' is not my most photogenic child! It's definitely not that he isn't absurdly adorable, cause he is! It's because for whatever reason, he refuses to look at the camera...IF he lifts his head, he looks his eyes to the right or left! It's rather funny mostly...unless I really want to get some decent pictures of him that is! Well, on Noah's birthday, I had kept Benjamin awake through school time and we went early to pick Noah up, so we had a REALLY long wait time! I pulled out the camera and had some fun with Benjamin...even if we hadn't ended with some good pictures, we had an absolute blast...counting money(you know-1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10), making faces, and goofing off! Enjoy!
 Gorgeous green eyes!
 Fish Face!
 First attempt at fish face(maybe a blowfish)

 Happy Boy!
Cutie Pie!