Monday, February 21, 2011

Another morning, Another Story

Another morning than the afore mentioned, we were laying in bed and heard Noah get up and go to the bathroom. Didn't think much about it, dozed another 10 minutes until I heard at my bedside a little voice say, "Need a biper change". This did not alarm me. I opened my eyes to see this little ray of sunshine who is always so cheerful in the morning and what was standing there? A buck NAKED 2 year old! Not much jars you out of your sleep state like a naked toddler! I literally flew out of bed! I was slightly relieved when Noah appeared a few seconds later informing us that Benjamin had gone potty in the potty. I was still apprehensive to see the bathroom, but was quite impressed when Noah showed me that he had emptied and washed the potty chair! The bathroom was intact! Whew! I need some coffee!

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