Saturday, February 26, 2011

How we roll...

This is a common occurrence in our house...Noah eating Benjamin's pasta! Noah loves pasta and rice and is more into eating veggies. Benjamin loves meat and strongly prefers fruit to vegetables any day! I can see already that I will be intervening to make sure a balanced meal is had by all! But for now I'll just ♥ the sharing of brothers!

Little Projects

Joel hung Grace's letters on her wall...I had been thinking of painting them, but decided some white was a nice touch and this way they can match when she gets a big girl room(a long long time from now that will go by way too fast!)

I have needed to get Grace's bows organized for a while, but was not sure what to do. I thought of attaching ribbons to her letters, but wanted them to stand alone. I thought of just putting hooks in the wall and making the ribbons hang from those. Ruthie, one of my mom mentors from church, gave Grace this shelf and last week I realized that it would be perfect for a hairbow holder. I must say, I thought I would have more room to grow her collection than this! :)

Accidentally Funny!

Sometimes the out-takes are better than the "in-takes"! (pardon the bad humor, it's late, I should really be in bed!)

That HUGE shadow is Boston! And Gracie thinks Boston is hil-arious! She is actually giggling...too bad it's not video!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Were it not for grace...

I have been struggling with some circumstances in life lately. I'm not going into those details, but wanted to share a revelation that I had today. I was sitting on the couch feeding Grace before she went down for her nap and she was just in a diaper because she had made a HUGE mess at lunch time! I stroked her soft delicate baby skin and admired her perfectly creased chubby little arms. I admired her perfectly formed ear. Gazed at her ridiculously long eyelashes as she drifted off to sleep. Adored the perfection of her little lips. Caressed her soft head covered with only a bit of peach fuzz. And as I admired my beautiful baby girl, I was awash with so many thoughts. Thoughts of mothers, even many friends, who never had the chance to even hold their babies. Remembered babies I have cared for whose mothers took them home to await their imminent death, not knowing if it would be days, weeks, months. Imagined the mothers who carried their babies 9 months only to hold them in their arms for hours before releasing them to the tiniest of caskets. I know these mothers have often wondered "why me?" and while I pray that I would never have to experience any of those things, I found myself wondering "why me?". Why has God chosen to bless me when I am not worthy of blessing...were it not for grace. Why has He chosen to bless me over and over and over...were it not for grace. I held my baby girl in my arms and realized(again) that God orchestrates each and every detail of our lives. God knew that this baby girl would teach me so much about His daily grace, that He even orchestrated the choosing of her name...Grace.
A phrase that I heard often from preachers growing up was "God is not the author of confusion". While it has stuck with me for many years, I have often pondered it wondering how God orchestrates each happening in our daily lives, which often includes confusion and pain. As I pondered this today, the thought occurred to me that God is NOT the author of confusion, but the Giver of grace. Without confusion, pain, sadness, failure, would there be room for grace? God allows these things to happen, but He is not the inflicter of pain, the author of confusion, the bestower of sadness, or the cause of failure. He is the continual supplier of grace, mercy, and love. Were it not for grace...I would be a rotten sinner headed for an eternity of sadness, pain, failure, etc. Were it not for grace...I would have no hope. Were it not for grace...I would not be who I am today, a sinner saved by grace with an eternity of love, rejoicing, and perfection!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Another morning, Another Story

Another morning than the afore mentioned, we were laying in bed and heard Noah get up and go to the bathroom. Didn't think much about it, dozed another 10 minutes until I heard at my bedside a little voice say, "Need a biper change". This did not alarm me. I opened my eyes to see this little ray of sunshine who is always so cheerful in the morning and what was standing there? A buck NAKED 2 year old! Not much jars you out of your sleep state like a naked toddler! I literally flew out of bed! I was slightly relieved when Noah appeared a few seconds later informing us that Benjamin had gone potty in the potty. I was still apprehensive to see the bathroom, but was quite impressed when Noah showed me that he had emptied and washed the potty chair! The bathroom was intact! Whew! I need some coffee!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I So Handsome!

We usually keep a gate on the boys doorway to their room at night because we still don't trust Benjamin to be roaming free in the house! However, since Noah has been sick and waking up more at night, we had it down one night so he could go in and out easier. We were still laying in bed and Noah had actually come into our room and crawled into bed because he wasn't feeling well. I could hear Benjamin in the loft area playing with toys. After a bit, I heard the water running in the bathroom. I called to him and he came into our room...wet hair, little horns sticking up on either side of his head! I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I so handsome!"

Later that day, I noticed that his hair was excessively fragrant and a bit textured feeling. I asked him what he put in his hair and he said, "wotion". I knew there was no lotion that he could have reached, so I asked him again what he had in his hair. This time he replied, "S-now! I put s-now in my hair! I so handsome?"

It did not occur to me until Joel and I were talking later and he mentioned that we have the foamy hand soap in the upstairs bathroom what Benjamin was talking about when he said he put snow in his hair! I ♥ this crazy kiddo! Never a dull moment!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pucker Up!

Grace loves to get a bite of real food once in a while, sometimes that real food is not what she bargained for though! These were taken at Grandma's house one night, it was a cooked apple that I was feeding her. Apparently, they were cooked in lemon juice and I hadn't tasted them before I fed them to her!
Yummy! Give me some of that real people food!

Ugh! How do you guys eat this stuff?!?!?

 It's getting worse!
 BLECH! Forget the real people food...I'm going back to baby food!
No more! I'm putting my thumb in my mouth!
Disclaimer: She kept going back for more! We were not torturing her with it! : )

Happy to me!

Benjamin says "Happy to you!" when it's somebody's birthday! I love it! It's just too cute! I celebrated 31 on the first of February and I won't lie, every birthday past 29 has been a struggle for me! I know it's just in my head, but I really didn't want to be out of my 20's! My birthday blues don't last too long, but I'm aiming for getting rid of them next year! I really am happy with where God has me even if there are a few answers that I would like that are about as clear as mud right His time, in His time! Life certainly isn't what you think it will be when you are a kid...I remember looking at people live their lives when I was a kid and thinking how much easier it would be when I was all grown up! Not so much easier, better, but not easier! I have given much thought to things I want to change over the past know, New Year's Resolutions! I spent the first month of the year just thinking about what I want to do. One of the things that we learned in nutrition class in college was to set measurable, attainable goals such as "drink 8 glasses of water each day" instead of "drink more water every day". Simple rule, but it has really stuck with me over the years when I make goals. Blogging has been one of my goals and I'm happy to say that I'm accomplishing it well! Getting rid of baby stuff is gonna be another of my goals for the year! My biggest goal for this year is to find some things that I can do to earn an income while staying home. Going to work is a huge stress for me, no matter how I plan, it is always something that I stress about until I'm well into my work day and if Joel isn't the one with the kids, I pretty much stress ALL.DAY.LONG! Finding a babysitter for 3 kids is also not easy! I have done loads of research and found that blogging(about the right topic) can be profitable, so I'm asking for input on starting a new blog...I have brainstormed several ideas, but would like to hear what everyone else thinks would be a good blog topic!

They couldn't find the "one" so they used a stick of dynamite! : ) (ok, it's really just a plain old candle!)


"Of all the things I have to play, I'd choose my brother any day!"

Bowling for Birthdays!

 Grace was along for the ride! She ended up getting lots of snuggles with lots of people...not sure who was happier--Grace for getting lots of holding or everyone that got to snuggle the sweet girlie! A win-win for sure!
 The Birthday Boy~Caleb!
 Caleb, you are so cute and funny and sweet! Love ya!
 I think Sam is ready to dish up some ice cream!

 Thanks to Damian for helping Benjamin not roll himself down the lane!
 Noah waiting and waiting and waiting some more for his ball to get to the end!


 I think half her weight is in her thighs!

She has been a roly poly girl since she was a mere 7 1/2 lbs! I love it and I know all too soon this baby chub will be a thing of the past! Sadness!

25 degrees and swimming!

We went swimming in January! Indoors, of course! We aren't polar bears! It was a blast and we will definitely be going again!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

To the cloud

I have decided that the only way people get pics of their kids ALL looking at the camera at the SAME time is photoshop or the cloud! Since I have neither of those programs, here are my kids NOT all looking at the camera at the same time!

 At least they are cute!