Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SNOW on 1.11.11

What a perfect date for SNOW! 1.11.11...doesn't it seem like a pure number, just like the snow is so pure and white! While it was no fun getting two little boys dressed to go outside in the snow and I definitely thought of scrapping the whole thing and putting Grumpy #1, Grumpy #2, and Grumpy #3(that's me) right down for a nap, I managed to make it outside with only one grumplestiltskin crying which he stopped promptly when he realized why he was practically mummified and hardly able to move! ;) N-E-WAY! We had a blast! Grace seemed to even enjoy it and I gotta say her little snow suit was fabulous...HUGE...but so easy to get her into and kept her toasty and dry! Enjoy the pics! ;)

 I can't believe I captured this face! Love it!
 I love this! I think the blur adds character! ;)
 Benjamin said "Hampa" being translated Grandpa :)

 eating snow!


 making snowballs!
 Gracie was swimming in this thing, but it kept her nice and toasty...she actually seemed to enjoy being outside except for when the snow hit her directly in the face!
realizing why he was sooooo bundled...seconds before this he kept unzipping his snow pants and coat!