Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pure sweetness!

I was looking back over the blog lately since I was faced with the dilemma that my blog was out of space. I saw this post about Noah when he was close to Benjamin's age now. I decided that I must post some "Benjaminisms" as well! He is like his brother and keeps us quite entertained!

"I tan't"-this is a new one that he has been using a lot. I'm guessing it replaced, "I almost got it"

"BOO!" "Did I 'care you?"-he thinks it is quite hilarious to scare us now.

"Boston! Hennel...NOW!"

"Mommy, I wub you!" me, "I wub you too, Benjamin" B-"I wub you too, mommy!"

"Su-nnuggle me, mommy" LOVE that one!

"That Drace's blankie?" Benjamin is very possessive with certain items, his bears, his blankie, his "guy"(little guy that came with one of his airplanes)

"I need uuup!" when he wants me to pick him up, usually when I'm doing dishes or cooking.

"Mommy, watcha doin?" "washin' dishes, mommy?" "I hepp you, mommy?"

"Mommy, how you?" Me:"Good, how are you, Benjamin?" B:"Guud! How you, mommy?" This could go on for hours!

I wasn't sure whether to put this last one on here, but after thinking about how many laughs we already get from it and realizing how many we will get in future years, I decided to go ahead!

"I watch a boobie?" asked as a question when he wants to watch a MOVIE!

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