Monday, January 31, 2011


Not only does he go by those names, but he lives up to them as well. Joel became a father almost 6 years ago and like all of us, he has transitioned and changed to adapt to that role. While I believe my husband has always been a wonderful father to his boys, I've enjoyed watching him transform into an exceptional, amazing father over the last 8 months since Grace was born. This little girl has transitioned him from fear (which you could see all over his poor face when we found out she was a girl) to comfortable with a little girl to complete adoration. Grace adores her Daddy and he adores her, but not only that, I have seen his parenting skills take on a new form. His gentle side has been fine tuned. Grace has really brought out the best in her daddy and I just love to see the two of them together. Her admiration for him is obvious and I know he hates the saying, but "she has him wrapped around her little finger" in a good way! :) I am completely and totally thankful to my Heavenly Father for the godly example my children have in their father. I am confident that the example their earthly father is setting will accurately depict their Heavenly Father. It's amazing how much God can use such a little person who can't even walk or talk to fine tune His children! Joel Everett Seekins, you ARE an exceptional, outstanding, distinguished father and I love you more today than 8 years ago! Watching you with our 3 little blessings is the highlight of my day and I couldn't be more happy to be called your wife!

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