Thursday, January 13, 2011

Grandma has the best toys!

Grandma got out this fun nativity set that the boys just loved...I guess they have had it for a while and it was one of those great after Christmas finds!

 Benjamin was enthralled watching the wisemen go around the circle!
 They did really well together playing with this set!
 There it is...that's what Christmas is all about! The Babe in the manger that did not stay a babe, but instead gave his own life for us! What love this is!
 Very neat!

I love seeing things through the eyes of my kids! Such purity and simplicity!
I have decided it is impossible to get both boys looking at the camera at the same time(and you can totally forget about it with all 3 kiddos!)

Oh, wait look at that not ONE, but T-W-O pictures of them looking at the same time! Perhaps I should be more specific in my request of looking at the camera AND not looking totally goofy! Eh! Oh well! ; P

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