Sunday, January 02, 2011

The facebook decision

It makes me sad that I have not kept my blog up the way I did when Noah was an only child. I, especially, love reading posts about things that I thought I'd never forget, but did. Now I wonder how many things have I forgotten that didn't get blogged. However, I have no time machine so it would be pointless to focus on the things I've missed...the only recourse is to look forward and do better at posting those little moments. So this renewed goal as well as realizing that "only what is done for Christ will last" has prompted me to abandon facebook for a while(or forever). Even when I don't spend much time on facebook and even though I don't feel I take away from my family for facebook time, I still believe that I could be doing more profitable things(such as cooking a meal for someone, writing a hand written letter to someone, and many other small, seemingly insignificant things) with the time I am there. I would ask that you might pray with me that God would burden my heart specifically for people and a need that I might be able to fill with these precious little nuggets of time that God gives me.

I am not deleting my account and I will still check my email regularly, so if you need anything message me. I'd love to hear from any of you!

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