Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Jammies!!

Or as can be heard throughout our house Christmas "footie mammies"! I love finding cute Christmas jammies for the kids to wear on Christmas morning for opening presents...and this year I happened across a steal of a deal AND matching jammies for all T-H-R-E-E kids! I know that won't happen every year and I know that eventually they will give me dirty looks for even expecting them to wear Christmas jammies(though I secretly hope they will always oblige me:). I decided that I never get pics of them just in their jams so I put them on one night just for the sake of getting pictures by the tree! I chose the perfect night as we had carolers that night and it was sooo fun and festive standing at the door with 6 little reindeer feets! ; )

 Grace's favorite pasttime is grabbing the brother's ears!
 This picture shows how blessed I am!

 Matching Footie Jammies for 3 babies: $21
Christmas Tree: $30
Pictures of my sweet babies in matching jammies: PRICELESS!


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