Monday, January 31, 2011

Bed Sled

We saved the boys old crib mattress when we moved Benjamin out of the toddler bed so that the boys could have one last hoorah with it!

When it snowed....and snowed....and snowed some more, we took it up the hill and Daddy and both boys went down the hill on it! SO.MUCH.FUN!!!

Benjamin is pointing out an airplane that you can't see, but he heard it and knows exactly where to look! JUST.LIKE.DADDY!

Yep! I went down with the boys too!

The boys thought it was fun to start on the mattress, then slide off and down the rest of the way on your belly!

Snow more fun

Quite typical scene...Benjamin hard at work...shoveling snow just like Daddy.

Noah in his own little world eating snow!

So serious!

Just a chip off the old block...

Noah getting blasted by Daddy...he thought that was a lot of fun!

He is such a hard worker!

Apparently, this is as good as it gets...

Probably about to beam that snowball at me!

Really? Could he be any cuter!?!?!


Not only does he go by those names, but he lives up to them as well. Joel became a father almost 6 years ago and like all of us, he has transitioned and changed to adapt to that role. While I believe my husband has always been a wonderful father to his boys, I've enjoyed watching him transform into an exceptional, amazing father over the last 8 months since Grace was born. This little girl has transitioned him from fear (which you could see all over his poor face when we found out she was a girl) to comfortable with a little girl to complete adoration. Grace adores her Daddy and he adores her, but not only that, I have seen his parenting skills take on a new form. His gentle side has been fine tuned. Grace has really brought out the best in her daddy and I just love to see the two of them together. Her admiration for him is obvious and I know he hates the saying, but "she has him wrapped around her little finger" in a good way! :) I am completely and totally thankful to my Heavenly Father for the godly example my children have in their father. I am confident that the example their earthly father is setting will accurately depict their Heavenly Father. It's amazing how much God can use such a little person who can't even walk or talk to fine tune His children! Joel Everett Seekins, you ARE an exceptional, outstanding, distinguished father and I love you more today than 8 years ago! Watching you with our 3 little blessings is the highlight of my day and I couldn't be more happy to be called your wife!

Christmas Presents

Grace opens her baby doll! She loves it!

(The mug is actually Joel's...I'm just showing it off!)

Grandpa snuggles the babies and bounces all three!!

The boys got this big drawbridge together...Benjamin immediately carried it out to the kitchen and got a knife(kid's knife, thankfully!) out of the drawer to open it!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's a zoo around here!

I just love this little girl! This was soooo much fun! I def suggest doing this if you have anything that could pass as an animal costume! So stinkin' cute!

Grace loves her pink bear!

I love her expression in this one!

This is what Grace does when she is done...whether it be eating, talking, playing, picture taking...thumb in mouth equals "I'm done" : )

Gracie Bear

This was such a fun photo shoot! Gracie Bear is a nickname that Grace was given by her big brother Noah! It's only fitting! She is so much fun! I can't wait to scrapbook these pics!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grace's 1st Christmas--Part 2

I love Christmas gear! Gracie had several adorable dresses and outfits for the season too! I tried to get a pic in each one, but I think I missed a few! It was fun experiencing the lights and the joy through Grace...those firsts are so momentous! She of course loved everything from the bows to the paper to the lights and the ornaments and the music that we played and danced to all the time! It truly was a fun and blessed year with our completed little family!

Trying to sit up!