Monday, November 15, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

I jumped into the digital age about 5 ½ years ago after the birth of our first son. I had no idea who to pick to print my precious pictures. Initially, I came to love SHUTTERFLY because they print the date the picture was taken right there on the back! I love that! By now I am sure many other sites do that as well. Over time my love for SHUTTERFLY has grown because of the condition of my photos that I have had around for a few years. I have actually had to print some pictures that other sites printed over again because of fading. With some sites I was returning half my prints as soon as they came because of poor color quality. Not so with SHUTTERFLY.
I am by nature a scrap booker. However, traditional scrap booking takes lots of time. Photobooks are a nice supplement to my scrap books. I get to decide if a particular event would be better suited to a photo book and photo books are an easy gift.
SHUTTERFLY also offers free shipping and other deals often enough that you can always get more for your money. Most recently I found a deal on their photo magnets which are fabulous and would also make an excellent gift idea. I plan to try out photo mugs for gifts this year too. Calendars are one of my favorite gifts to receive and I might even give them this year!
Photo cards at SHUTTERFLY are indispensable. You can used them for thank you cards, invitations, announcements for new baby, moving, just married, or any other event or news you would want to share with friends and family! Photo cards at Christmas are perfect whether you choose to use a picture from your vacation or a picture gathered around the Christmas tree! SHUTTERFLY has enough selection to be able to choose a different tone for your cards each year. I like to keep Christ in Christmas and either add that to my personal message or use a card design that implements the Baby in the manger. Since last year we were unable to get a Christmas-y picture, my goal is to go that way this year! I really like the simplicity of this design and that the picture is the central part.

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