Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch: Noah

I love fall...every smell, every taste, every color, every touch...every one of my senses LOVES the fall season!! Pumpkins are no exception...they look gorgeous, they taste yummy...what could be more perfect! So every year off we go to the pumpkins at Fulton Farms to get some great pics of the kiddos and the pumpkins...and every year, I love those pics soooo much! Here are several of Noah over the years...



 He has grown up for sure...but he is still the same sweet little boy in my eyes! That same big smile, those same big eyes...melt my heart just like they always have! I love you Noah David Seekins, my firstborn!


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The Vachas said...

It is hard for me to look at pictures like that and see all the changes that take place from one year to the next. Every year they look less and less like babies. Noah is the same sweet boy. Thanks for sharing and tugging on my heart strings and tear bags this morning. :)