Monday, October 18, 2010 of life's greatest treasures

We made a quick 2 day trip to Virginia to visit some very good "old" friends(not age old, known for a long time old) ;) We flew to DC and rode the Metro to the last station where Jon picked us up. The boys loved flying in an airplane and riding on a train...all before lunch! We spent the weekend at Jon and Karen's beautiful house. We had all agreed that when time is short, the most precious thing is to just be together and since the past 5 1/2 years has added 6 little treasures we can't all fit in one vehicle anymore! :) It was wonderful to just sit and chat and listen to the kid's play together! I would say it's just like old times, but believe it or not I think it's better....and perhaps just a smidge louder too! ;)

Noah was enthralled with the moving sidewalks!! He went on some with his dad and we even let him go on some by himself...THAT made him feel super grown up!

We were all sooo very hungry when we got to we found a Cinnabon(YUMMY!). I asked Noah if he wanted Cinnastix and he said, "No...I want THAT!" pointing to the BIG cinnamon bun!! Yep, he is definitely our kid! (He shared it with his dad though!)

Riding the Metro!

Not only is this a funny picture, but I have an even funnier story to go with it...when we got off the plane in DC, a very nice man complimented Joel and I on our well-behaved children! Of course I was proud of them, they did very well on the flight! So with my mom pride well established, off we went through the airport to the metro. As we were looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat, a gentleman approached us...of course I assumed he was just going to compliment our well behaved children...they were being angels(for the moment!) Not so much, no, this man wanted to caution me on the use of my wrap because he said there were reports of babies strangulating in them. I smiled politely and thanked him for his kindness and concern and turned to walk away and ran right over Benjamin (who had climbed out of the stroller while I was listening to this man!) Please contain your laughter! How's that for a mom pride check?...carrying my infant in a baby strangulation device and running over my toddler with the stroller!{Disclaimer:I do not believe that Moby wraps are harmful and I have found no news reports of infants strangling themselves in them. And though I was tempted to be snippy about my wrap, I instead chose to realize that this gentleman was genuinely concerned for the well being of my child and was simply showing kindness.}

In the movie zone...

Not exactly what you want your husband to do at other people's house...cut down a tree that he is 90% sure won't fall on their house! Thankfully, it did NOT fall on the house!

Trampoline jumping fun!!

Falling down fun! I watched the boys jumping for a bit and noticed a little funny of the boys would jump and "accidentally" bump into the other...they would fall down, argue a little about whether it was on accident, get back up and jump some more, then the other would "accidentally" bump into the was quite amusing and quite boy typical...

Considering we only brought one pair of jammies for Benjamin, it was quite ironic that David and Benjamin ended up in matching jammies!

Is it just me or does David look a little scared that Grace is moving too fast? I mean they just met 10 min before she was trying to hold hands... ;)

If Grace woke me up early, I might argue with this shirt! Isn't he precious!!!?!?

Katie was sooo sweet and nurturing with the babies! Grace just adored her!

I made her a's actually for her birthday, but Karen let her try it on early...she loved it!!

It was sooo fun getting to see her run around in it and she just glowed!

All this cuteness happened in less than 5 1/2 short years!!

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Blakemore Family said...

We LOVED your visit and miss you guys! We're thankful for the time together!!