Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grace is FOUR months

Well, actually, she was 4 months on October 3rd! I didn't realize I hadn't blogged her stats or pics for it...better late than never!!

This chunk of love weighed 16 lbs 4oz(95%) and measured 25 inches(75%).  I ♥ her!!

Benjamin's 2 year stats

I forgot to put these on here because he didn't go to the doc until after his birthday!

Benjamin weighed 29 1/2 lbs(75%) and is 33 1/4 inches tall(28%). He has lost so much of his chub now and is just very thick...his legs are like tree trunks and his shoulders are both broad and thick!! He is a BIG boy!!

Face of Grace

My silly girl has some funny faces she likes to pull on us!! She keeps us entertained well!!

Are you done taking pictures yet...if I'm so cute why aren't you picking me up?

 My mom makes me ride in this baby strangling sling!
 It's ok...at least I don't get plowed down by the stroller!!

 Whatever shall I wear today!??!
You want me to wear blue?
We save that for the boys!
I have much cuter colors to wear!

My brothers did what?!?!?!!?

Thank you for my blanket, Aunt Cindy, I like to eat it!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Benjamin's funnies

This kid is a crack up!! Today, when it was naptime, I said, "Benjamin, are you ready to go take a nap?!" He leaned forward and loudly replied, "NOOOOOOO!!!!" I turned around and gave him the "mom glare", and he cocked his head over to the side and sweetly said, "I sleep in Noah's bed? nanana-booboo?" Yes, it was all in question form...and soooo funny!! I had to turn away so he wouldn't see me laugh! And no, he did not sleep in Noah's bed!

This is usually preceded by "BRRRAAAWWWRRR! HMMPH!"


Handsome Boys!

Just a lot of really fun handsome pics of my 2 favorite little boys in the whole world!!! :)

This picture sums up their love for each other!!! I LOVE it!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

FRIENDS...one of life's greatest treasures

We made a quick 2 day trip to Virginia to visit some very good "old" friends(not age old, known for a long time old) ;) We flew to DC and rode the Metro to the last station where Jon picked us up. The boys loved flying in an airplane and riding on a train...all before lunch! We spent the weekend at Jon and Karen's beautiful house. We had all agreed that when time is short, the most precious thing is to just be together and since the past 5 1/2 years has added 6 little treasures we can't all fit in one vehicle anymore! :) It was wonderful to just sit and chat and listen to the kid's play together! I would say it's just like old times, but believe it or not I think it's better....and perhaps just a smidge louder too! ;)

Noah was enthralled with the moving sidewalks!! He went on some with his dad and we even let him go on some by himself...THAT made him feel super grown up!

We were all sooo very hungry when we got to DC...so we found a Cinnabon(YUMMY!). I asked Noah if he wanted Cinnastix and he said, "No...I want THAT!" pointing to the BIG cinnamon bun!! Yep, he is definitely our kid! (He shared it with his dad though!)

Riding the Metro!

Not only is this a funny picture, but I have an even funnier story to go with it...when we got off the plane in DC, a very nice man complimented Joel and I on our well-behaved children! Of course I was proud of them, they did very well on the flight! So with my mom pride well established, off we went through the airport to the metro. As we were looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat, a gentleman approached us...of course I assumed he was just going to compliment our well behaved children...they were being angels(for the moment!) Not so much, no, this man wanted to caution me on the use of my wrap because he said there were reports of babies strangulating in them. I smiled politely and thanked him for his kindness and concern and turned to walk away and ran right over Benjamin (who had climbed out of the stroller while I was listening to this man!) Please contain your laughter! How's that for a mom pride check?...carrying my infant in a baby strangulation device and running over my toddler with the stroller!{Disclaimer:I do not believe that Moby wraps are harmful and I have found no news reports of infants strangling themselves in them. And though I was tempted to be snippy about my wrap, I instead chose to realize that this gentleman was genuinely concerned for the well being of my child and was simply showing kindness.}

In the movie zone...

Not exactly what you want your husband to do at other people's house...cut down a tree that he is 90% sure won't fall on their house! Thankfully, it did NOT fall on the house!

Trampoline jumping fun!!

Falling down fun! I watched the boys jumping for a bit and noticed a little funny situation...one of the boys would jump and "accidentally" bump into the other...they would fall down, argue a little about whether it was on accident, get back up and jump some more, then the other would "accidentally" bump into the other...it was quite amusing and quite boy typical...

Considering we only brought one pair of jammies for Benjamin, it was quite ironic that David and Benjamin ended up in matching jammies!

Is it just me or does David look a little scared that Grace is moving too fast? I mean they just met 10 min before she was trying to hold hands... ;)

If Grace woke me up early, I might argue with this shirt! Isn't he precious!!!?!?

Katie was sooo sweet and nurturing with the babies! Grace just adored her!

I made her a tutu...it's actually for her birthday, but Karen let her try it on early...she loved it!!

It was sooo fun getting to see her run around in it and she just glowed!

All this cuteness happened in less than 5 1/2 short years!!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Benjamin is TWO!

Wow! It's hard to believe that 2 years ago today we grew our family to a family of four! I don't think I ever realized that birthdays held so much significance for mothers. It's so strange to reminisce and be able to remember that day soooo vividly. At almost a week past due, I specifically remember how completely annoyed I was that I was NOT in labor, so as any pregnant woman 5 days overdue would, I went to bed and cried! I woke up about 2 hours later having contractions that were keeping me awake. They were 6 minutes apart...I labored for about 3 hours before calling the doc...the contractions were not any closer together, but getting more intense. We woke Noah up and took him to Grandma and Grandpa, he talked to them for a while before going back to sleep...he was SOOO excited to become a big brother! Checked in to the hospital at 4am...went to triage to be sure I was in labor(HAHA!)! Finally got to the Family Beginnings Birth Center around 445 and straight into the jetted tub(never could have done that back labor without water). Contractions stayed at 6 min apart the entire time...it was so nice to catch a nap between contractions since I had been up all night...at 927am, Thursday, October 2, 2008 our sweet sweet baby boy arrived! We had not been able to agree on a name(my top pick was Benjamin, Joel's was Titus), when the nurse asked what his name was, I sadly said that he didn't have one. Joel piped up with, "How about Benjamin Titus?" And thus we have Benjamin Titus Seekins. We couldn't really tell what color hair he had at first, thought maybe a hint of red, but could never have known how red it would actually get before settling into the extra strawberry blond it is now! From chubby bubby to 9 month walker to Mr. Independence giving up his binky all on his own, deciding to call himself "Ti-us" at times, and currently trying to potty train himself, this little guy has kept us on our toes and added so much joy to our lives. We are thankful every day for this wonderful gift from God...it truly is amazing that God would entrust us with these little lives...we are truly blessed beyond exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think!

Benjamin was not understanding it was his birthday, today...he loves to say "Happy to you" any time he hears Happy birthday. He had a lot of fun blowing out his candles(over and over again)! He has no clue that we were unable to actually get his birthday present for him today...he got a matchbox airplane and some picker uppers and wouldn't know the difference if that were all he got...I love the innocence at this age! He loved his airplane cake(Daddy made it) and he couldn't keep his little fingers out of it! What a fun (cold, rainy, yucky) day we had celebrating our sweet little guy! Noah was very sweet with his brother today(though he is always wondering when his own birthday will come around again!) They are the sweetest brothers ever! We had such a great day just celebrating Benjamin in our family...here are some pics from our day!

We went in singing Happy Birthday to him...he wasn't interested until he was out of bed!

Ok, it's an inside joke(with absolutely no meaning) in our family, but it evokes infectious giggles...we ask the boys, "Where'd the eggs go?" And they instinctively put their arms up and we of course tickle them!! Ya just have to be there, but that is what Benjamin is doing in this picture!

Pedal Plane Flyoffs! Benjamin would have stayed in the plane ALLLL day long!!
Our whole family! Happy Birthday to Benjamin!

The little train was supposed to take us to the little airport where we would be able to check out the cool airplanes(trains and airplanes...what more could this 2 year old boy ask for!?!?!)...but it rained so we took a ride around a couple blocks instead!

Noah getting bopped on the head for stealing the frosting from Benjamin's cake(he wasn't really eating it, just didn't want his brother to have it!)

His "what?" face when his name is called for being naughty!

One of his newest expressions~crack up!

Airplane cake~Courtesy: Dad
WOW! What a cake!
Blowing out candles!

Big try!

We finished off the day with Wii Fit Plus...Benjamin wanted to play soooo bad, Joel said it was like a video game with a live controller! HA! They had fun!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Benjamin Titus!