Monday, September 13, 2010

Three Months

Our sweet baby girl turned 3 months old on September 3rd. She weighed in at 14 lbs. 13 oz. and 24 inches long. Grace is the sweetest baby girl ever!! She is so full of smiles! The only baby I have ever met that smiled more is my friend Michele's sweet Anna! Grace's brothers were both very serious babies...they smiled, but you had to work for it and they didn't really smile at just anyone most of the time. Grace is in contrast super social and super smiley! I never could have imagined a sweeter baby! It makes me so sad when she cries because it is so rare. She adores her brothers!! All they have to do is walk by and she starts smiling, it's just so sweet to see. They also love to make her sing songs and do patty cakes which even gets some giggles out! For a while now we have noticed that she smiled every time Benjamin cried, lately, we have noticed that she is starting to slyly smirk when her brothers are getting into trouble!!

Grace is also our little thumb hard as I tried to keep any of my kids from being a thumb sucker(Daddy sucked his until he was 8!), she was determined...even to the point of gagging on the pacifiers! She will occasionally take a pacifier, but will mostly just go straight for the thumb! She is a pro with it, and while I didn't want her to have it, there is no denying the cuteness factor!(And if you hold me at gun point, I might admit to it being nice since there aren't any middle of the night binky runs! ;)

"Don't look now, Mom, I'm sucking my thumb!" I think we will be seeing this face a LOT in the next few years!! Ha!

See how she is holding on to her dress...she ALWAYS has to hold on to something! She has lovey blankets and a blanket that her Aunt Cindy made her that are her favorite "blankies"!

She has found out that her hands are attached to her! This is one of my favorite baby fascinations! I love watching them go cross-eyed and wave their little hands all around trying to figure it all out!

BIG eyes!

I can't even imagine our lives without this amazing "SURPRISE" from God! He really knows what we need and when we need it even more than we do for ourselves!

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Joel, Christine, William and Bethany said...

She is sooo cute!! William is a thumb sucker and I wish Bethany was too:) She would gag on her paci as well! I can see Noah in the bottom picture. I think in the eyes...