Monday, September 20, 2010

Bye Bye Binky!! Hello Hat!!

Benjamin gave up his binky a few weeks ago. It was NOT my choice at all...I had a goal in mind and was not ready to embark on such an undertaking at this point. For quite some time, the binkies have had to remain in his bed for nap use and bedtime use. We had transitioned quite well to a point where he was putting them on his pillow as soon as we went to get him up. He would sometimes throw them out of his bed at bedtime, some of it was because it was ammo aimed directly at his brother, sometimes it was no doubt a ploy to get mommy to come back and potentially rescue him from his bed. Well, this particular Thursday had been a difficult day and when I put him to bed he began kicking the binkies out of his bed. I picked them up and put them back in his bed, he made his mad face and kicked them out again. I picked them up again and this time put them on his pillow and told him if he kept kicking them out, I would not keep coming back and getting them for him(mean, I know). He again began kicking at them, I sternly told him again that I would not come back and that if he didn't want them he could throw them in the trash, to which he replied, "Trash". I was very skeptical, but I obtained a "clean" trash can anyway, and he proceeded to throw every one of them into it. I left the room and stood a bit astonished, yet completely skeptical outside the room for a moment. He went to sleep and slept all night that night. I still did not accept that this was it. We had a few nights of him waking up through the night, but he never asked for his binky. I even offered it back to him about a week later when he was sick and whiny, but he refused! I had heard of kids doing this, but never imagined that it really could be this easy! WOW! Well, in the weeks since he gave up his binky, he has taken on a new attachment--his hat! Any baseball hat his size will do, but do not give him a fishing hat, camping hat, snow hat, or even one of my baseball hats or Joel's either. Oh well, at least he can take a baseball hat to college without any repercussions!!

From Super Duper Binky boy...

to hat obsessed boy!

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Hope said...

Way to gooo Benjamin! :)