Monday, August 16, 2010

The middle child...

Benjamin Titus Seekins
22 months

This is the epitome of his personality...this face is typically followed with "WOT?" in the cutest little baby voice ever!

I'm pretty sure I can't say enough about his beautiful tousled reddish blond hair...I get a lot and I do mean a LOT of flack about him needing a haircut! But I just can't help it...he has the perfect color, the perfect's soft, but thick, just enough wave to have texture, but not be uncontrollable and then of course the color couldn't be more perfect...I have come close to taking him with me to the salon and saying, "I want this color!" middle child...most would say the middle is the worst place to be, but not for my sweet boy...he has it so amazing big brother, and an adoring baby sister!! I love this little boy more than I ever thought possible...I remember vividly worrying that I wouldn't feel the same love for him as I did for Noah...then I remember even more vividly the moment he entered this world and instantly my heart swelled!! It truly is amazing how much your heart grows with each precious child!
I love his expressions when he gets in trouble!

He is very precise in his play!

He also loves to paint, color, write on himself...should I be worried!?!?

This picture shows the sweetness of the boys heart and I just love it! He has the most caring and gentle heart...when he gets up in the morning he goes to his sister's cradle, peers over the side and with a sweet little laugh he says, "Aww, cute!" Anytime she cries, he comes running with a binky saying, "I comin' I comin'!!" He looks for "Woah" all the time if Noah is not around...he is lost if Noah is not home, and wanders around calling "WO-AH!" One of my favorite things that he does is to say "bless you" anytime anybody sneezes...I call him the manners monster!! LOVE it!! One of my least favorite things he does(even though it's super cute to hear him) is that he asks the dreaded "WHY?"'s too much! And of course I feel compelled to answer every why, though I doubt he understands!
Last night I had put both boys to bed and when I went back up to put Grace to bed an hour later, Benjamin was still awake...he called out when he heard me. I don't usually get my babies up after they have gone to bed, but this time was different...we had the best time, I don't get much time alone with just Benjamin, so it was a lot of fun...he played with the toys, he didn't scream (because nobody was taking toys away from him) and then we found the was soooo much fun showing him how to spin jacks and while he never actually got one to spin, he was so intrigued and he tried very hard...he watched me very closely and tried to mimic my movement exactly on spinning them and dropping them! It was priceless!! Then to make the night with him even better, when he was finally tired and ready for bed, we got a binky and he snuggled with me until he fell asleep!!♥

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Rach said...

Awww Cynetta I love your blogging! Makes me want to do it! And it is so funny how much Benjamin and Caleb are alike, he also is the manners monster and says bless you and thank you to everything :) And he is totally lost without his big brother...