Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

I have thought fondly of this day in my boy's life since he was but a wee little baby, that is until he was about 3 1/2 and the reality of sending him away to school seemed very real!! I have battled in my own mind what the right thing for him is...we have weighed all options: homeschool, private Christian school, public school, no school(ha-just kidding;)!! In the end we decided to send him to public school, Broadway Elementary School. It is just 5 blocks from our front door!! He has been admittedly scared, however, when the time came, there were no tears, no clinging...he simply sat in the hall until the teacher came, then got up and walked down the hall...didn't even look back!! I guess he was ready after all! I had doubted our decision more lately, thinking perhaps homeschool was a better option. I had prayed and prayed for peace and yet even at lunch on his first day, I thought I would burst into tears. But when I saw him walk down the hall and I walked out of the school, I had the most amazing peace--God give us what we need when we need it and not a moment too soon!!

Isn't he adorable!! My Kindergartener!!

Thankfully, Benjamin is napping when Noah is at school, otherwise, I would be hearing him ask for "Woah" all day!!

Noah, Daddy, and Nerf

Mommy and her big big boy!!

Noah's cat followed us to school and stayed the entire time he was there and then thankfully, followed us back home!

Sitting in the hall waiting to go to the classroom!

This one cracks me up...looks like an old pro!!

There he to his first day of school!
When asked if he wanted to go back for another day, he responded with a very cool, "Sure." :)


Artsdeco said...
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Tim and Shannon said...

I hadn't seen this post yet. You look really good in that picture of you and Noah. And, you are right, he looks like an old pro in that one picture. :) He was ready for kindergarten after all!!