Friday, July 17, 2009

Boys and Fireworks

We watched the fireworks on the 4th at Tipp Park...we enjoyed the show and the wonderful friends!!

Joshua Timmy and Noah

Noah Timmy and Luke


Benjamin--he pretty much stayed like this the whole time until after the finale and the audience applauded!
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Idle Hour and Ice Cream

The 4 of us at Idle Hour!

Noah with the ice creams that we shared!

And random, I know, but its a know from Veggie Tales!!
(Karen, I know that you will appreciate this even if nobody else does!)
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Sam the Giraffe

Jessica loved feeding the giraffe!

Benjamin had no idea that this amazing large creature was standing right behind him(Noah was scared of him!)

Sam, one of God's most AMAZING creations!! We serve an AWESOME Creator!

He is soooo sweet!
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Jessica is a natural with animals...I think she might be a veterinarian someday and she will be the best ever!!

Noah loved holding the bunny until he thought it bit him...the bunnies were soooo cute!

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Happy Independence Day

These were the boys outfits on the Sunday after 4th of July! Of course, I think they are adorable, but I might be a bit bias!
The rest are only of Noah because Benjamin is always tired and cranky after church(little to no morning nap)!!

I love my new camera for this reason!!!

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Sleeping on the job

I realize that it's been over a month since I updated the blog and I feel bad about that, but we just keep having computer glitches and besides it is so much easier to upload pics to facebook than to post them on here. I am going to post a bunch over the next few days hopefully to catch up. We have been super busy as always, but this weekend is all about relaxing and just hanging around the house, doing odd jobs and whatever we feel like. I used to be really good at this blogging thing...can't figure out why I'm so busy all the time now! ;) Well, I promise to try harder...and if you haven't given up on us, let us know you are still out there!
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