Monday, June 01, 2009

My favorite 4 year old boy!

Noah is the funniest little boy...I just love his antics and sillyness! Though he has been a little stinkerish lately with lots of days when he has to be opposite of everything I say(Grandma says that is 4 year olds!) These pictures capture his fun spirit...and yes, we went on a walk in the rain(light rain) and this is what he wore and he sang his favorite song at the top of his lungs most of the way!!! Video of the song to come later! Of course most of you know that Noah says the funniest things with all his big words and silly mispronunciations and misunderstandings, so I have at least one to share unless I think of some of the others!

Noah: "MOMMY! MOMMY! You should have named me Bowser(from Mario Kart)!"
Mommy: "Oh really? Why is that?"
Noah: "Because I like Bowser!"
Mommy(scans room for something I like) :"Well, I like Little Nutbrown Hare(from Guess How Much I Love You), maybe we should have named you that."
Noah(hesitates and frowns): "But I don't want to be called Little Butt Brown Bear!"
Mommy: (Laughs hysterically!)

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this little guy!
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