Monday, June 01, 2009

Baby Tyler

Last week I finally got the chance to repay a miniscule portion of the debt I owe Shannon for watching my boys. I watched Tyler so they could go out for their anniversary. It was fun having 3 boys in the house, but I now know why God designed us to be incapable of having children 7 months apart!!! Whew! Benjamin is into everything and Tyler is still a newborn so having 2 babies at such different stages can be a bit harried! Poor Tyler suffered through though, Benjamin is very intrigued with Tyler and tries desparately to get just one touch! However, that one touch is certainly not a gentle one!! Tyler was very good and behaved himself nicely while he was at our house! We sure hope we get many more opportunities to watch him!

Isn't he still so little!

And precious!

Noah loves Baby Tyler!

There is just something about newborns...sooo perfect, so cuddly, and sooo sweet!
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Ben, Michele, Claire, Anna said...

Oh my... Tyler is too cute! Just precious!!!