Thursday, June 11, 2009


I love that both my boys are snugglers!! We enjoy many wonderful moments of snuggling, whether it be in the morning before we are really going full speed for the day or whether it be in the reading chair snuggling with a great story book, I love every moment that I get to spend with these two wonderful boys that God has blessed me with!

I love these boys so much I think my heart might explode sometimes!

This picture was taken after a particularly hard day in my life--the viewing/visitation of one of my best friends. An all too painful reminder that life is short and that we should hold on to those we love a little harder because we just never know when a life will be snatched away from us.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Swimsuit Season! YIKES!

It really is too bad that we can't all be cute a little chunky! Oh well, I guess cute AND chubby is supposed to be reserved for babies!

This chubby fellow isn't worried about swimsuit season!

Seriously, can you find anything cuter!

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Baby Tyler

Last week I finally got the chance to repay a miniscule portion of the debt I owe Shannon for watching my boys. I watched Tyler so they could go out for their anniversary. It was fun having 3 boys in the house, but I now know why God designed us to be incapable of having children 7 months apart!!! Whew! Benjamin is into everything and Tyler is still a newborn so having 2 babies at such different stages can be a bit harried! Poor Tyler suffered through though, Benjamin is very intrigued with Tyler and tries desparately to get just one touch! However, that one touch is certainly not a gentle one!! Tyler was very good and behaved himself nicely while he was at our house! We sure hope we get many more opportunities to watch him!

Isn't he still so little!

And precious!

Noah loves Baby Tyler!

There is just something about newborns...sooo perfect, so cuddly, and sooo sweet!
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My favorite 4 year old boy!

Noah is the funniest little boy...I just love his antics and sillyness! Though he has been a little stinkerish lately with lots of days when he has to be opposite of everything I say(Grandma says that is 4 year olds!) These pictures capture his fun spirit...and yes, we went on a walk in the rain(light rain) and this is what he wore and he sang his favorite song at the top of his lungs most of the way!!! Video of the song to come later! Of course most of you know that Noah says the funniest things with all his big words and silly mispronunciations and misunderstandings, so I have at least one to share unless I think of some of the others!

Noah: "MOMMY! MOMMY! You should have named me Bowser(from Mario Kart)!"
Mommy: "Oh really? Why is that?"
Noah: "Because I like Bowser!"
Mommy(scans room for something I like) :"Well, I like Little Nutbrown Hare(from Guess How Much I Love You), maybe we should have named you that."
Noah(hesitates and frowns): "But I don't want to be called Little Butt Brown Bear!"
Mommy: (Laughs hysterically!)

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this little guy!
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7 Months and standing

So I thought that fat babies were usually slower in progressing to mobility and since Benjamin is about as fat as it gets, I had hoped he would be content sitting in the floor playing with the toys around him! Obviously, I was wrong! This boy is pulling to standing on everything! He was wobbly at first as you can see from these pictures(these were a month ago!), but now he pulls up and is getting stronger, braver, and more steady(though he still falls down a lot). He is so proud of himself in these pictures!

Look Ma! One hand!

Telling mama all about it!

Isn't he adorable in that outfit!?!?!
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On Memorial Day Sunday I decided to make the boys a little patriotic. A lady at my church bought this tie for Noah at a goodwill store...isn't it awesome!!

My little model(or so I have been told!)

It was a little bright for him! His outfit is red/white/blue plaid...very cute!
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