Friday, May 15, 2009

Matching brothers!

I love coordinating or matching outfits for my boys, but it can be exhausting trying to find everyday clothes to match, so I mostly just find sweaters, vests, church and dressy clothes to match. I love these airplane vests because Daddy works on airplanes so it seems to be fitting. Noah wore his the first time on Father's Day last year and I loved it so much. I wanted to get one for Benjamin because by then we knew he was a boy, so I went to Gymboree online and had one ready to purchase, but it sold out before I could complete my purchase. I went to the store and asked specifically for one and they said they didn't have any left, they even checked in the back for me. I went on searching the sale racks because I was finding some great deals for Benjamin anyway. All of the sudden I spotted it way in the back with the wrong size clothes! SWEET! I was soooo I am even more excited because they are just so cute in these vests!

Quite an armload!

I know it's a bad angle, but Benjamin is just so cute smiling!
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Tim and Shannon said...

Very cute :) I bought Tyler his first Gymboree outfit today...I had a gift card otherwise I would have never gotten it because it was $41 for one little 0-3 month outfit!!! 30% off though and I ended up only paying $6 out of pocket...and it is oh so very cute :) But will probably be the only Gymboree outfit that Tyler has his whole life.