Sunday, May 24, 2009

6 Months

This post is obviously a little late...Benjamin turned 6 months on April 2nd. These pictures were taken at that time, but I just haven't had time to post for a while. Benjamin started crawling, sitting without support, saying lots of different sounds right around 6 months, makes for a fun and busy time! He is soooo adorable and fun at this age! He had his checkup on April Fool's Day, but no fooling here--he weighed 18lbs 10oz (75%) and was 26 1/2 in(50%) long.

Do you like the milk dripping off his chin?

I *think* that his eyes are going to be blue.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Daddy goes to school!

Joel took an airplane tire to preschool one day for one of the teachers so that the class could learn about transportation. Noah and Benjamin and I showed up to check out the airplane tire in the sanctuary!!

Noah and Daddy!!
Love those boys!

tools & airplane tires--can't get much cooler than that!
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First bites!

Benjamin started cereal at the end of March, just shy of his 6 month birthday. He was excited at first, but quickly decided this stuff wasn't so great! Well, we are now a month and a half after those first bites and I am happy to report that he LOVES food now! His faves are carrots and bananas! His mouth is constant open(when he isn't blowing baby food raspberries that is!)!

Give me that spoon!

I don't know about this!

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Funny face!

Noah is so much fun! He loves to make silly faces and it is so fun now to be able to play silly games like this.

Fish face!

Fake sleeping

Surprised face! Ha!

and of course the adorable irresistible smile of my sweet 4 year old boy!
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The BIG Cheese!

Benjamin has this incredibly silly smile that he does and just cracks us up...for a while he did it every time I got the camera out. However, it was hard to capture because it was so quick! I did manage to get some of the really funny cheeser! He is just too much fun!!

Say ChEEEEEse!

Not so squinty on the eyes, but still a cheeser!!
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What could be more fun than going to the park and swinging? This was Benjamin's first time ever to swing! He had a blast and absolutely L-O-V-E-D it!!!

Noah, of course now swings on the big boy swings! Sometimes I can't believe how big he is!

I love love love that face!!!
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Matching brothers!

I love coordinating or matching outfits for my boys, but it can be exhausting trying to find everyday clothes to match, so I mostly just find sweaters, vests, church and dressy clothes to match. I love these airplane vests because Daddy works on airplanes so it seems to be fitting. Noah wore his the first time on Father's Day last year and I loved it so much. I wanted to get one for Benjamin because by then we knew he was a boy, so I went to Gymboree online and had one ready to purchase, but it sold out before I could complete my purchase. I went to the store and asked specifically for one and they said they didn't have any left, they even checked in the back for me. I went on searching the sale racks because I was finding some great deals for Benjamin anyway. All of the sudden I spotted it way in the back with the wrong size clothes! SWEET! I was soooo I am even more excited because they are just so cute in these vests!

Quite an armload!

I know it's a bad angle, but Benjamin is just so cute smiling!
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Air Force Museum

This was a special Noah and Daddy day! Joel took Noah to the Air Force Museum for a special treat so that I could get some cleaning done(anyone who has kids(or husbands) knows how hard it is to clean with them home!)

He love airplanes just like his Daddy!
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Ice cream surprise

I wanted Noah's actual birthday to be special too, so that evening I took him to Dairy Queen and we met his friend Timmy and his mommy Lori for ice cream!

Yeah, it looks like he is crying, but he really is just hiding his eyes for the surprise!

Noah with his chocolate kids has eyes!

Timmy with his dipped cone!

The boys "freeezzzing" while they eat their ice cream!
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Noah!

On Noah's actual birthday, March 16th, we had a nice dinner with his favorite meal, deer steak and mashed potatoes! Yep, he is a Seekins! And we gave him some more of his presents!

Cars and boats...of course!


And the best reaction goes to the big red truck(like Daddy's) with boat and jet ski!

I think he had a great time turning 4...his celebration was so dragged out over several days that we had to convince him on his actual birthday that he really was 4 years old!
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We ended the birthday celebration with cake and presents at Grandma's house(per Noah's request)!

A pirate ship!
(Disclaimer: Noah's birthday was BEFORE the pirate attacks of late!)


And I had to include this picture of my adorable 4 year old boy!! Bedtime stories after a busy day!
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