Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wow! Just WOW!

The title of this post is what I have been thinking and saying a lot lately! Ever since Noah turned 4(more on that to come), he has been saying the funniest things. I wanted to get some on here before I forget them!

For a while now, Noah has been talking like a book in his imaginitive play times. For example, I will here him say things like, "she replied" or "the car crashed down onto the pile of rubbish"! I love that he remembers the books we read so well. He really is paying attention and it truly makes me want to read to him more and more! Well, just this week I heard him say, "Wow! Toby explained!" I think somewhere along the way exclaimed and explained crossed paths!!

On the way to the park just today Noah saw a hill ahead of us and said, "Are we going to go up that big hill?" and I told him that we were and he said, "If I run, I might fall and go tumbling down and hit my head!" and I said "Oh, really, you won't hit your elbow or your knee?" and he very seriously said, "No! I will hit my 4 years old head!!!" WOW! I think this is more than my 29 years old head can handle!!! HAHA!

On the way back from the park, he spotted some little spiders on the side of a building and we stopped to watch them for a moment. He asked if he could kick one and I told him that he could. As he brought his foot back to kick it he stopped suddenly and said, "OH NO! I'm too frightened!"

And finally, since I was on here doing this when it occurred I thought it only appropriate to include. A very excited little guy came running in to the living room where I am typing this and said, "Mom, I made you a pantry pretty!" "A what?" I said as I noticed his hands had blueberry applesauce all over them! "A pantry pretty!" he exclaimed, "Come, see!" I, of course, went to look to find two blueberry applesauce handprints on my pantry door! I probably should have told him that we don't do this sort of thing, but since the door will wash and I didn't want to squash his excitement right now, I left that conversation for another time!

If you have made it this far, I hope that you have had a good to wash that pantry door!

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The Vachas said...

He really does say the funniest things. I thought of Noah yesterday as Landon tried throwing a couple of big words into our conversation.