Monday, December 29, 2008

Remembering Christmas

This year is the first year that Noah has asked questions about Santa and since we don't really do any kind of Santa traditions, we answered him honestly, which sometimes made us think ourselves(especially when all questions are responded to with "WHY?")I want to share one particular conversation. Noah had asked about Santa and I told him that Santa was just a fun character that some people tell their kids brings gifts, but really it's just mommies and daddies that buy the gifts. Of course a why ensued each bit of conversation so in summary, I told him that we give each other gifts because we love each other. We talked about how the wise men brought Jesus gifts(years after His birth) and that they did that to show love. We also discussed that gifts are not based on being good or bad and that we love him unconditionally and that is why we give him gifts. We discussed Jesus being the greatest gift ever given and that God gave us Jesus because he loves us unconditionally. So among all the gifts that you have received this year, we pray that you have received the greatest gift ever given to man--Jesus Christ...born to die that we may live....FOREVER!!

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Ben, Michele, Claire, Anna said...

What a sweet conversation with your very sweet little boy. I love his tender heart and he's like that because he has a wonderful mommy & daddy! You guys are wise with your decision on the whole Santa Claus tradition. I am in total agreement. I know some people think I am terrible for not letting my girls believe there is a Santa, but I just really don't like the whole idea of lying to my kids. When they're older they will eventually find out the truth and I just don't want to, in ANY way, take away from the true meaning of Christmas. Santa gives gifts based on "good" and "bad", but God gave His son to everyone... even though we are all rotten. His gift is unconditional. Great explanation, Cynetta. I will use that myself with my girls when they start asking questions! THANKS!!
Hope you all are doing well and thanks for sharing your conversation with all of us!

The Vachas said...

I like your conversation too. Michele and I talked about how to do Santa and to be sure our kids get the true meaning of Christmas. It is tough. Maybe you have the best solution, especially after Landon being afraid to come downstairs because he Thought Santa might be in our living room.