Monday, December 29, 2008

Remembering Christmas

This year is the first year that Noah has asked questions about Santa and since we don't really do any kind of Santa traditions, we answered him honestly, which sometimes made us think ourselves(especially when all questions are responded to with "WHY?")I want to share one particular conversation. Noah had asked about Santa and I told him that Santa was just a fun character that some people tell their kids brings gifts, but really it's just mommies and daddies that buy the gifts. Of course a why ensued each bit of conversation so in summary, I told him that we give each other gifts because we love each other. We talked about how the wise men brought Jesus gifts(years after His birth) and that they did that to show love. We also discussed that gifts are not based on being good or bad and that we love him unconditionally and that is why we give him gifts. We discussed Jesus being the greatest gift ever given and that God gave us Jesus because he loves us unconditionally. So among all the gifts that you have received this year, we pray that you have received the greatest gift ever given to man--Jesus Christ...born to die that we may live....FOREVER!!

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Grandma & Grandpa

Grandma & Grandpa (and of course, Uncle Justin) came over Christmas morning after talking to Brook(in Africa)! Noah was so excited for them to come. He loved passing out gifts and helping everyone open presents and even asking us to help him open his. I loved that no matter what the gift he was always excited and he was equally excited for everyone else to get gifts. I never want him to think that Christmas is all about him or that he should get tons of gifts and he was just the sweetest little boy and made me very proud!

Figuring out their new camera.

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Noah's Christmas Joy!

Stocking Stuffers!!

A Diego toothbrush....LOVE this! Makes teethbrushing so much fun!

His handmade scarf and hat from Uncle Russ(ssshhh! don't tell him, but I think I might wear it!)

Uncle Justin and Noah playing with the train track.
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Benjamin's Christmas Excitement!

First thing Christmas morning!

Loving his new giraffe toy!

YAY! It's my first Christmas!

That's very FIRST!!
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Christmas Eve

After the Christmas Eve service at church, we came home and got everything ready!

The stockings are stuffed!

Benjamin's "big" gift!

Noah's "BIG" gift!

Joel's "BIG" gift!
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Christmas Elves

These were taken Christmas Eve as we got the presents set up for Christmas morning!

We had a little fun!

The littlest elf got to stay up with us this year...too bad he won't remember!
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What a difference!

This picture was taken at 2 days and the one below was taken at 12 weeks! I can't believe the difference!

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Happy Happy Baby!

Now, I just have to say these are the cutest biggest smiles that I have captured of Benjamin and I just love them! But I have had that boy in Christmas gear almost 24/7 and the one time I don't is when I get these awesome pictures...I just want a picture for that Christmas frame!

He has these two adorable little dimples that I simply adore. I love the sharp intake gasps that he does and then gets so excited with himself!

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Christmas Best

I managed to find Benjamin these adorable plaid pants and then missed an auction on ebay to get Noah some too. I ended up ordering this vest and actually got it in time for Christmas Sunday. I actually ended up liking that they have different coordinating pieces instead of totally matching. There is always next year for that!

Benjamin does have a bow tie...he is just to fat to see it!

There it is!

Aren't they adorable!

I love this little boy SOOO much!
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Christmas Cuties

Our very good friends, the Blakemores, visited before Christmas this year. We had a great time with them and are so glad that after all these years(about 10 years now) there is no awkward feelings, we just pick up right where we left off. Wish we could see them more often. This time we had the opportunity to watch their kids so they could go to a concert in Cincinnatti, an early anniversary celebration for them! Happy Anniversary, guys! We are more than happy to watch your kids anytime! I somehow managed to only get pictures of the kids...what can I say...we have cute kids!!

This is the closest I got to having all 4 look at the camera!

Perhaps someday they will be college buds too!
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Michael Blakemore

Two of my friends have boys named Michael so Noah has a little bit of a hard time distinguishing, but he has it figured out now which last name goes with which one!

Michael was so sweet to Baby Benjamin. He is giving him the snowman candle nice of him to think to give Benjamin something to play with!

Michael was very intrigued by the grinding of the venison.

Only sons of nurses get to play doctor with a Littmann! However, this listening to the ankle must be the latest discovery in medicine!

The boys get a bedtime story!
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Sweet Baby Katie!

Well, she wasn't the tiny little baby from last year, but she is still sweet!

Thankfully, she has a brother so she is used to not having girly toys!(Note the train in her hand!)

She did finally find something that girls love--a wallet full of credit cards!

I finally had to zip my bag up, she kept going back for it! Ha! It's one of the only pink things in the house!
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