Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some more Noah funnies

Pictures will come soon, I promise, but I want to get these on here so I don't forget them!
  • So Noah has learned about some words that he is not allowed to say(ie. stupid, hate, etc) and now he feels it necessary to correct others when they use these words. I got in trouble for saying stupid the other day(in my defense it was aimed at the dog!) and just today he corrected someone for saying "gosh", but fortunately they did not hear him!
  • This morning Noah was reading some letters off to me to ask what they spell and I was tickling him with my toes and he said, "Stop interrupting!"
  • "Where will we put the "Chrimus" tree in the car?"
  • At the Christmas tree farm, "These aren't Christmas trees, they don't have any lights and stuff on them!"
So much fun!

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