Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have been wanting to get these down for a while so that I don't forget them because there are a few things he said just after Benjamin was born and in my sleep deprived state I forgot them super quick! Anyway, here goes:
  • He makes this statement in response to many things I say to Benjamin, but this one in particular makes me laugh. I told Benjamin that he needed to be patient when he was fussing and I was getting ready to feed him and Noah with all seriousness turns my face to him and says, "Mommy, Benjamin can't be patient, he is JUST a BABY! He can't be patient!"
  • This one takes the cake! The other day while Noah was supposed to be napping and didn't sleep at all, he asked several times if he could wake up yet(he is not supposed to do this, it is fine if he doesn't sleep, but he cannot talk and ask if he can get up). So when I told him that he could get up, I said he needed to come see me in the kitchen. So he walks in and crosses his arms and says with a little shrug, "Mommy, I just want to say I am sorry for saying "Can I get up now?"" So since he had stolen my thunder, I just said, "Well, I forgive you." To which he replied, "Do you want to say you're sorry for saying "No"?" Where does he come up with this stuff!!!
  • My little evangelist: The other night in the car Noah asked about someone that we know whose loved one passed away and I took it as an opportunity to talk about going to Heaven with Jesus when we die. Well, when I asked him if he believed that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again the third day, he said yes and then proceeded to ask me the same thing. Then he was all excited that one day we will all go live with Jesus in Heaven. He wanted to ask everybody his "question" for days! It really melts my heart how sensitive and excited he gets about Jesus! What about you? Do you believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and rose again the third day and lives in Heaven with the Father?


The Vachas said...

These are great! He is too cute. I believe Jesus died on the cross for us Noah, you keep asking, you are making Jesus very proud.

Ben, Michele, Claire & Anna said...

PRECIOUS!!!! Love it!!