Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy Birthday to Our Pets!

As promised, here are pictures of our festivities(if you can call it that) to celebrate Boston's(and Ducky's) birthdays. Basically, we made "cakes" for each animal out of canned food. We celebrated for Ducky as well since we really don't know when her birthday is.

Boston in anticipation while we sang to him.

Noah insisted on a candle and this was all I had. That packet of food was disgusting so this was my best attempt at shaping a bone!

Boston woofed it down and licked in clean in a matter of seconds!

A fish for Ducky was a little easier, however we couldn't find her so I left it on the counter until we found her. I put Noah to bed and was upstairs feeding Benjamin for a while, when I came down the fish was half gone! Noah was a little disappointed, he wanted to sing and blow out the candle again!
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Blakemore Family said...

And happy birthday to the hampster and goldfish, too... er... never mind.