Monday, November 03, 2008

5 or 35?

Our wonderful dog,Boston, turned 5 on October 22nd. We have yet to give him his "cake", but Noah and I have some special plans for that. Poor Boston has been in the way and neglected a lot since Benjamin's birth, but he had the time of his life this weekend on his 1st hunting trip(pictures to come)! He was whipped when they got home and was sooo sore the next day. I felt bad for him, but couldn't help but laugh. This is a dog who has endless energy, but all he has done for the past couple days is lay on the couch (except for the little burst of energy he had to chase a squirrel!)

So you be the that face 5 or 35?

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The Maryland McMillins said...

awww, happy birthday boston! i think he looks like he wants to do something naughty so i will say he looks five. ;)