Monday, October 20, 2008


This is one of my favorite shots of the 2 boys. Benjamin was only 5 days old and they were already adoring each other!

Noah had been excited about giving Benjamin his 1st bottle for a very long time. He did a great job holding him and giving him the bottle.

Noah is very loving...sometimes he is not the most gentle at being loving!

Noah likes to snuggle with Benjamin in the bouncy seat.

These last 3 shots are some of my favorites. They were taken before bed one night when both boys had giraffe jammies on and their bedroom is jungle animals, so we took some pics on Noah's comforter. They were so sweet!


Charley & Jessica said...

those are sooooo darling! What handsome little men!! :)

love jess

The Vachas said...

i like these pictures. Noah looks like he is so sweet with Benjamin.