Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1st Sunday at Church

Benjamin's 1st Sunday at Church was the 12th. He was just over a week old. He looked adorable in this sweater outfit. It is a small 0-3 month outfit that I had hoped he would wear around Christmas, but at the rate he is growing...I don't think so! The colors work well for fall too!

Kind of a smile!
This is not an illusion...his hands are HUGE!

At Grandma's after church.


Blakemore Family said...

Don't grow TOO fast, sweet Benjamin! I want you still to be tiny when we see you!!

Joel, Christine and William said...

I am surprised that William is still in his 0-3's. I am sure that we will not be in them for too much longer. William must have slowed down his growin a little bit!

Charley & Jessica said...

hello my friend. I dun gave you an award. Come get it at my blog (if you want)! :)

love jess

Kelley said...

What a lovely family you have.

I love the bedspread pictured in the pictures below this post.

Super cute.