Wednesday, September 17, 2008

From a 3 year old boy!

Noah is such a hoot lately! I just love the imagination that boy has(most of the time!) Here are a few of his latest sentiments as best as I can remember...

A couple things he says backwards that just crack me up...

  • We are hafta gonna (go to the zoo, go to the library, paint, etc.)
  • In the store the other day, he had wrapped a string around his waist and said he had his "seltbeat" on. Previously, he has also referred to the seatbelt as the beltseat.
A couple weeks ago we were singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and here is how the conversation went afterwards.

Noah: Mommy, what's a diamond?
Mommy: (Shows Noah ring on left hand) This is a diamond! Daddy gave it to Mommy when he asked her to marry him!
Noah:(Looks very sad) But I want to marry you, mommy!
Mommy: (heart melts)

A few weeks ago as I can hear Noah not sleeping in his bed during what is supposed to be nap time, we have this little conversation.

Noah: (lot of noise, banging, talking, etc)
Noah: Mommy, why are you talking bad words to me?!
Apparently, at some point using the middle name has become cursing!!! I guess when that is what you hear when you are in trouble, I can see how that thought would occur!!

Last night we were on our way home and Shannon was waiting for us so she could get her food from our freezer. Here is how the conversation went:

Mommy: We have to get home because Shannon is waiting for us because she can't get in our house.
Noah: Mommy, when we get there you need to give Shannon your keys because that is what God would want you to do. God wants you to share, so that will be good if you give Shannon your keys because she doesn't have her keys!

He really is a crack up and we love to hear what he will come up with next! Though I am not sure if I was prepared for dealing with the attitude this early! Either way 3 is the best age so far, I just LOVE it!

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Charley & Jessica said...

awww.. what sweet stories. And I love the, "aw, but mommy, I wanted to marry you!".. I can see how he melted your heart on that one! :)

i can't wait to have kids..

love jess