Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Nature Lesson

I know I always post little nature things, but I just can't help it. God just keeps blessing us with these little joys of nature! On June 26th, I was watering my fern and suddenly noticed something different...

...a bird's nest! Seeing as it was mostly complete, I thought my goofy husband had found a nest and placed it in there, but as I was about to remove it, I realized it was woven into my fern! Now this is not your ordinary bird nest, it is intricate and perfect, no trash only the tiniest perfect little twigs would do for this mama bird!

A couple days later we noticed she had laid a couple of eggs!

I was surprised to find 5 a few mornings later!! We are going to have a very crowded nest of baby birds! It shouldn't be much longer now, we think it is a type of finch, but are still unsure! Either way, it is very exciting and Noah is just loving it, he asks many times a day if we can check on the baby bird eggs. I would love to, but we have to try very hard to give mama bird plenty of time to sit on her nest uninterrupted!
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Charley and Jessica said...

HOW COOL! That is so neat Cynetta! I wish a little bird would come and make a nest in one of MY plants! :)