Saturday, July 12, 2008

IT Happened!!!

We have baby birds!! Aren't they so, I mean, so ugly they are cute! I'm sure they will be much cuter in a week and I will post some pictures of them then. For now, we are trying to let mommy bird feed and take care of the babies, but it is oh, so hard to stay away! They are just so much fun to peek at!
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Ben & Michele said...

Ahhh... they are so, so sweet! We have a bird house that is occupied year-round by Finches. It is so fun when they have babies. You can hear them and see them stick their little bald heads out when mama bird is perched outside the house with a worm for her babies! Claire loves to watch them and they get very loud, which she thinks is funny! Don't you just love nature? You can learn so much from it if you just slow down and notice how amazing God made the world. His creation is just awesome! We also had a nest of bunnies in our front yard this spring. It was so neat to watch them and see their mama feed them every evening. LOVE it!!!