Monday, July 07, 2008

And off we go!

We decided somewhat last minute that we were going to visit our friends from college, the Blakemores, over the 4th of July. We have been friends with them for about 10 years now and it is always a wonderful experience to be able to see them! Jon & Karen have 2 kids now, Michael is 2 1/2(even though he outweighs and is taller than Noah!) and Katie is 8 months. It is so much fun to see all of our kids interacting with each other and we hope that they too can be as close as we all are! Wouldn't that be neat!We were able to see Jon & Karen's new house as well, which is beautifully designed and built by Jon himself! It was a wonderful time spent with friends and we miss them and wish we could all just live closer to each other!

Noah riding the metro with his backpack and suitcase which he mostly carried/pulled the whole trip there! Noah loves to fly and this trip was extra special, he got to fly, then ride a bus, then a train!!! What could fit a 3 year old boy better!

We aren't sure where he learned this, but we have to put our arms up when we go under bridges!
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Charley and Jessica said...

That's so neat! I'm glad you guys had a chance to see your friends over the 4th! And Noah is SO CUTE in those pics!

Not sure why the pics weren't working for you on my blog. They seem to be working for me (and others who have commented). Anyways, try it again. Hope you guys are doing good. How are you feeling by the way?