Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ok, so technically, Noah has been at VBS(Vacation Bible School) since he was the size of a peanut(I was pregnant with him in 2004!), but this year was the FIRST year that he was actually able to go to a real class! When I realized this at 9:30 last night, I scrambled to find him an appropriate outfit for the theme--Amazon Expedition!

I think it is cute how the lizard is giving him a kiss!

Yeah, he was way cute(even if I am a little bias!)

Daddy, the crocodile hunter with his mini-me!

Here he is sitting with his class! Look how big he is! I am so glad I decided against pre-school this year(Mommy isn't ready!)
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Fun

We have had a fun summer so far and have lots more things planned! I just wanted to share some random cute pictures from our summer since we haven't been blogging much lately!
Here is Noah "swimming" at Grandma and Grandpa's pool! We have been there A LOT! Pregnant mommy LOVES to be in the pool!!

Spending time with friends...Noah playing with Baby Luke! I can't wait for him to be able to play with his own baby brother!

The Airshow Parade! Waiting on the curb for some goodies!!

Going to Gramma's to swim!

Swimming with Joshua at his Gramma's house!
Sand/Water Table has been a real hit!!

George and Noah in their jammies!(Practicing for Baby Brother!)

Sick Day! Noah had a fever all day! He was so pitiful that he even came out and laid down on the kitchen floor so I gave him my apron to lay on!

Going to church!

Visiting Dad at work!

Look who they let in the cockpit!

Airshow 2008

So we didn't buy tickets, but we got a great show! Joel had to work on Sunday afternoon, but he didn't have any planes to work on and there were a bunch of guys with their families there so he called to see if Noah and I wanted to come. Airplanes! Of course Noah wanted to go! He is a boy after his father's heart!

My cool boys waiting for an airplane! Aren't they so adorable!

We had a great view!

In my defense, I was extremely hot and the Little Guy was giving me some horrible pains in my back!!

The Raptor! It flew right over the hanger when we weren't expecting it and was VERY loud! I think it sent an aftershock through the Little Guy's water!
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Now that's cute!

Well, our baby birds are officially CUTE! But I bet that they will fly soon. They look so scared when I peer over them and take a picture! I want to try getting a better one soon! This is from today!
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

IT Happened!!!

We have baby birds!! Aren't they so, I mean, so ugly they are cute! I'm sure they will be much cuter in a week and I will post some pictures of them then. For now, we are trying to let mommy bird feed and take care of the babies, but it is oh, so hard to stay away! They are just so much fun to peek at!
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Raspberry Picking!

On Friday, we decided to go pick some raspberrys(Joel's favorite!) It was a fun time, Noah knew that he liked the berries because he had gone with Grandma and Uncle Justin the day before. He tried to actually get some in his bucket but kept eating them, then he shook them up and smashed them all! It's so fun to see him in these types of settings. I, however, didn't take many pictures as it was SOO HOT! And I was ready to go after not too long!

Berry puree? Anyone?

Caught in the act!

I think he learned it from Uncle Justin!
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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Nature Lesson

I know I always post little nature things, but I just can't help it. God just keeps blessing us with these little joys of nature! On June 26th, I was watering my fern and suddenly noticed something different...

...a bird's nest! Seeing as it was mostly complete, I thought my goofy husband had found a nest and placed it in there, but as I was about to remove it, I realized it was woven into my fern! Now this is not your ordinary bird nest, it is intricate and perfect, no trash only the tiniest perfect little twigs would do for this mama bird!

A couple days later we noticed she had laid a couple of eggs!

I was surprised to find 5 a few mornings later!! We are going to have a very crowded nest of baby birds! It shouldn't be much longer now, we think it is a type of finch, but are still unsure! Either way, it is very exciting and Noah is just loving it, he asks many times a day if we can check on the baby bird eggs. I would love to, but we have to try very hard to give mama bird plenty of time to sit on her nest uninterrupted!
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Monday, July 07, 2008

And off we go!

We decided somewhat last minute that we were going to visit our friends from college, the Blakemores, over the 4th of July. We have been friends with them for about 10 years now and it is always a wonderful experience to be able to see them! Jon & Karen have 2 kids now, Michael is 2 1/2(even though he outweighs and is taller than Noah!) and Katie is 8 months. It is so much fun to see all of our kids interacting with each other and we hope that they too can be as close as we all are! Wouldn't that be neat!We were able to see Jon & Karen's new house as well, which is beautifully designed and built by Jon himself! It was a wonderful time spent with friends and we miss them and wish we could all just live closer to each other!

Noah riding the metro with his backpack and suitcase which he mostly carried/pulled the whole trip there! Noah loves to fly and this trip was extra special, he got to fly, then ride a bus, then a train!!! What could fit a 3 year old boy better!

We aren't sure where he learned this, but we have to put our arms up when we go under bridges!
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Getting acquainted

All 3 kids in their red, white and blue!

I think Katie loves her big brother!

Noah holding Katie with a smug little look!

The boys looking out the window! Just too cute!
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July 4th and DC

Since we were so close to the capital of our wonderful nation on this July 4th, we of course went to view fireworks display there. My pictures did not turn out of all of our events of the evening, but here is a glimpse of the fun we had!

2 little monkeys in the metro!

Noooo! They look completely innocent!

Our wonderful host(and navigator) and hostess(gourmet chef) for the weekend!

Viewing the fireworks! Noah loves fireworks, but Michael is a little nervous about loud booming noises! Both boys did great though and were talking about the fireworks for the rest of the weekend!

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Ferry Farm

On Friday after we arrived, we went to the farm where George Washington grew up. It was interesting, but oh so hot(okay, so maybe it just seemed worse because I am pregnant!) We didn't stay long as the kids needed naps and the prego needed cooling! I didn't take very many pictures of it. OOPS!

Michael pushing Noah in the stroller.

Katie is happy for the shade on her carseat!

Noah after cooling off a bit in the misting tent!
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