Sunday, June 22, 2008

Young's Dairy

While Jessica was here we took one of Joel's days off and went to Young's Dairy Farm in Yellow Springs. We took Uncle Justin with us too. After eating lunch, we headed over and played some miniature golf, then we had ice cream and before it rained we managed to feed the goats and see the calves. It was a very fun day!

Noah's favorite part of Young's Dairy is the goats. They are so friendly and just love to be fed!
There were some adorable little babies! I love how this baby is taking advantage of the other two goats for some snuggling.

One of the smallest ones and Noah feeding it. Isn't it precious!

This calf was beautiful! Just the right age...not too scrawny, a nice golden color and just the cutest cow face!

This one, however, was very sad. I think he was a little young to be away from his mommy.
He sucked on my finger for the longest time...I think we should get him a pacifier! Poor little fellow is just so skinny(I'm pretty sure he was fairly new)!
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