Saturday, June 07, 2008

True Friends!

My dear friend from Nursing School, Amy, was able to stop over on her way through this week. Her hubby's family lives in Indiana, so they go right through here on their way home, but with 2 little boys they are rarely able to make an extra stop since they make enough already with potty breaks, diaper changing and just "get me out of the car" breaks!! We were so excited that they managed to stop over this time and we got lunch and had a picnic at a local park. It is so great to have friends that even after such a long time, we can start back up right where we left off before(of course now we have a few more interruptions!) We had a great time and wish we would have had longer, of course, but can't wait for our next chance to see you guys! Thanks for stopping!

We graduated with our BSN 6 years ago, but we haven't aged a bit!!

With our boys...
Amy has 3 1/2 year old Michael and 13 month old Chad, and I of course have Noah, and the one covered in pink(for now!)

Our hubbies with the boys!

The adorable and hilarious...Chad McMillin!
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