Saturday, June 07, 2008

My poor husband...

My poor hubby had a long hard day on his day off yesterday. First, his steering something(something that keeps the wheels going the same direction) broke at the BK parking lot. He went to the store and got the part, then temporarily rigged the old part, and limped the truck home(don't worry it is only like a 3 minute drive) After he got that done, he found that he needed a new rotor and new brakes and then finally after his 100th trip to CarQuest(I finally told him to quit telling me how much he spent), he went to put the wheel back on and found that the steering thing had snapped and broke his rim!! Here he is putting the spare on. Today, he is getting new front tires and an alignment! Poor guy! Usually, the truck is not our problem vehicle, but for yesterday, I think he wanted to throw it away.

Noah was a little bummed that Daddy didn't have any play time either!

Doesn't he look thrilled that I am taking his picture!
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Joel and Christine said...

Isn't it great to have a handy hubby!!!