Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Sunday Pictures

This picture is for proof of our shopping day even though I forgot to take any pictures. Jessica and I went shopping(just the girls!) one of the days she was here. Her birthday is in July, but I usually try to have a special day to celebrate it while she is here. We went out to eat, we bought that dress, a pair of capris, and we picked up those shoes another day we were out. It was a fun day! This is one of many attempts to get a picture of the two of them on Sunday. I wouldn't have thought a 13 year old and 3 year old would be that hard, but someone kept blinking and someone kept squirming!

Noah and Grampa sitting on the steps(Noah's safe place!)

Noah swimming with Gramma!

This is the 4th summer that Jessica has been here and while Justin has always been taller, but this year he seemed to really have surpassed her! She is almost 14 and he is 16. She is not even 5 feet and he is almost 6!
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Ben & Michele said...

Looks like you guys had a GREAT time with Jessica! I bet you miss her sfter such a long visit! You got some really good pictures to remeber your time together!!