Sunday, June 01, 2008

Just our dumb luck, I guess!

So yesterday was filled with shopping and fun graduation parties! After we left the last party, we headed for home and that is when the fun began! It started out fun always does....then it got a little more interesting! We were stopping at a red light when Joel goes look over there! Right on the main street through Tipp, just walking right along were 2 little baby skunks, no mama skunk, just 2 little adorable babies. Well, Noah can't see from his car seat so we pulled onto a little dead end road and walked out to the side walk so he could get a look at them. We kept our distance of course!!! Well, we watched them for a little bit and were able to keep cars from hitting them since most people wondered what these crazy people were doing just standing and staring from the side walk. They made their way down to the little side street that dead ends and my wonderful husband gets this great idea that we should take them home. I was not on board...I mean don't get me wrong, I felt bad for them and wanted to help them(see squirrel post) it is just that their God given abilities had me just a little worried! Well, once that man gets an idea it is impossible to convince him otherwise! So there you have it, we have 2 baby skunks at our house. If anyone is interested in a new pet, give us a call!!!

They are cute...but they could get a little stinky(so far not yet)!

And this is the culprit! Remind me again why I love him so much... ;-)
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Charley and Jessica said...

haha.. that's hilarious! So, do you know how to add friends to Blogspot? I can't figure it out. HOpe you guys are doing good.. love to you! :)


Ben & Michele said...

They are so stinkin' cute... no pun intended!! I don't think baby skunks can spray, but I could be wrong!!
That was so sweet of Joel! What a nice guy!!!!