Sunday, June 01, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is actually Joel's birthday, but he is working. So on Friday(while I was working), Noah and I had planned a day for Daddy! Noah took Daddy to lots of fun places and celebrated his birthday with him all day. Uncle Justin went with them, but I think he got put in charge of picture taking, so no pics of him. :-(

Daddy and Noah at Charleston Falls. They had a great time there because of all the wildlife they saw!

Not sure if you see it in this picture, but they happened upon about 5 snakes! EWWW!

They spent a lot of time with the snakes...BOYS!

Noah took Daddy to the Olde English Gunshop which is owned by people we go to church with. Noah just likes going there to see Ms. Paula! Of course, he won't talk to her once he is there, but he talks all about her later! And well you can use your imagination to figure out why Joel likes to go there!!!! His gift that Noah gave him when they got there was a giftcard for the Gunshop! Glad you boys had a fun day and sorry that I missed out on all the fun! Love you and Happy Birthday!
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