Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Flamingos

Once again, it is so much fun to see the babies at the zoo each year. And this year we have new flamingo babies!! One hatched on Sunday and 2 more will be hatching soon!

Still in the nest...
you have to click on this picture and see it larger(may not be the best quality) to see how adorable the little one is!

I never was drawn to the flamingos as much until last year watching the babies grow up, but now I really have this interest in watching their "personalities!"

I love how they parent, it is so amazing what God has created into each and every animal. Each animal is unique in it's makeup and nature and each animal has different things they need to learn for survival in the wild. I just love observing how God, in His infinite wisdom, gave each animal the ability to teach their young the lessons they need for survival! He truly is amazing! And it is amazing to think that if he cares that much about the animals, how much more he cares for us as we are "made in His image!"
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