Sunday, June 22, 2008

Crazy Cat

While Jessica was here, we were also cat sitting for our friends Tim & Shannon while they were on vacation. Widget behaved fairly well except for a few times that she got on the table. She is a funny cat(well, actually she is still a kitten). She climbed into the sink one day and just laid there. I guess it was a nice cool bed(I was also guessing that she was NOT trying to tell me she wanted a bath!)

Maybe she wanted water...although she had just come from eating and had water in her bowl!
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Blakemore Family said...

I'll give her a bath! ;-)

My mom's cat used to only drink water from the faucet. It would meow in the bathroom until my mom turned a little stream of water on and would turn it's head upwards and drink. Cats are so funny!

Cindy said...

Cats and sinks attract each other for some reason! I have pictures of Tiger sitting in my sink when he was a baby. I think somewhere I have a picture of Chauncey in the bathroom sink too. I don't know what it is, but cats must play in sinks. Fortunately Tiger has decided to leave my bathroom sink alone now. :D